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Now excepting reservations for current and future vibe pup litters:

-MEDIUM to STANDARD Tri Color Bernedoodles (see pics below) Some may be spoken for, check in on current availability. Ready to come home late July.

UPCOMING LITTERS – wait lists open now.

-NEW RARE MICRO MINI Tri Color Bernedoodles (Billie Joe’s special litter) due July 8, 2024

-MINI Tri Color Bernedoodles due October 2024 (Billie Joe’s)

-Medium/Large MERLE MOMMA Tri Color Daddy Bernedoodles due October 2024

Current Pups:

Here are pictures of some of our current puppies. There are 6 available. Please contact us for current pictures and availability.

Snickers- has the traditional Tri color markings. His personality is Gentle and calm. He has great eye contact and seems to be a deep thinker haha

Marshmellow!!! She is going to be the most fun looking grown dog! Imagine a cow print doggie with fantastic Curls! She is the most outgoing forward personality. Always the first one to run up to play. She is very confident and bold and would be a great dog for active folks or children. She has a strong sense of humor already at her young age and just such a fun, unique look!

Reese- Reese is the Curliest and is confident and Bold. He is playful happy and would be great with kids! Has lots of fun browns.

BIG BASIL is a big hunk of chunk of LOVE. Big Blocky Head perfect tri color markings with a fun white collar that goes all the way around . Chill yet playful. If you love big blocky doggies this is your boy.

Poppy FUN Unique markings. Gentle, sweet, not Bold would do best in a gentle environment. This guy will be a show stopper handsome. His neck collar is half white half Carmel brown! His hair will be Wavy.

Almond Joy is gentle and calm yet is always ready to play and interact. She is SWEET feminine and cuddly! She will be wavy.

KAITLYN’S GOOD VIBE litter Placerville
BORN JUNE 4, 2024
MAISY & JACKIE CHAN Tri color Bernedoodle. Average pup will weight will be 38lbs. Genetic Tested Health Guarantee. Accepting deposits ($200) to hold your place in line for choice of upcoming pups. Parents MAISY 48lbs & JACKIE CHAN 30lbs

Meet the Parents:

Pups from previous litters:

Billie Joe’s litter Placerville
DUE JULY 2024 – TINKERBELL and BRUTUS – COMING in JULY NEW RARE MICRO MINI TRI COLOR Bernedoodles (Billie Joe’s special Litter) DUE JULY 8th available to take home end of August These tiny cuties will be aprox 18-23lbs some will be fluffy like dad and some smooth, low shed, no groom a doodles like mom.
Several pups in this litter will have the look of a miniature Bernese Mountain dog BUT with low shed and no grooming required! They will be smooth coat micro mini Bernedoodles Which we have fondly named LOW SHED ‘NO GROOM’ A DOODLE. Imagine taking a big beautiful Bernese Mountain Dog.. shrinking it down into a cute and easy to carry MICRO MINI, plus now it has LOW SHEDDING and NO GROOMING REQUIRED! And Best of ALL the life expectancy is more than DOUBLE that of a standard Bernese Mountain dog!

Meet the Parents:


Kaitlyn’s Good Vibe Litter, Placerville Due June 4th 2024. Ready to come home July 30th. Pixie and Jackie Chan tri color bernedoodle puppies will average 55lbs Genetic Tested Health Guarantee. Accepting deposits ($200) to hold your place in line for choice of upcoming pups.

Meet the Parents:



DOODLE DADDY: Jackie Chan – Health tested

We may be Biased but we feel he is the best looking Bernedoodle we have ever seen. This may also be WHY he is so popular with the ladies! He is the father to all the pups we offer. He is a Velcro dog, as in always wants to be by your side or in your lap. Jackie is Genetically health tested and weighs 30lbs


MAISY- Maisy beautiful is a Bernedoodle with a silly side. She weighs 48 pounds. She makes us belly laugh with her goofy smile she will do when asked for! She is also a Velcro dog which makes her such a good companion. When I sit to watch a movie I always end up with both Jackie and Maisy on my lap or right up against me. Maisy also will snuggle all night in my bed which helps me sleep better. Maisy’s hobby is playing nurse. Anyone has an issue and Maisy has her nose pressed right into it with a look of great concern! She also enjoys boating and sunning herself on the big family deck in the forest watching for birds, squirrels and deer! She is a sweetheart but wants to be top on your LOVE LIST as in wants all the attention to herself. She loves to mother anything and anyone! Her hair is Gorgeous! She is genetic tested and her genes match very well with Jackie to NOT have any double markers which could lead to potential health issues. Their babies will be genetically strong on health and will have the much sought after tri color Bernedoodle look. Pups will be medium weighing between 35-45 pounds

ZoZo- One of the cutest little Bernedoodles we have ever seen! She is only 32lbs. Her hair is a really unique very soft and almost corded zig zag texture.. with this cool hair she would fit right in at a reggae concert! She has a little cute short nose, fluffy body, goofy temperament happy sparkly eyes and frequent smile. She loves to lay tummy up on your lap and get belly rubs. Her babies will be tiny and so darn cute!!! She is often seen with her human buddy Sam co piloting the boat. She is the most boat loving dog I have met! Maisy loves boating but zozo even more. She is fearless around water. She can just stare at the surface of the water for hours completely mesmerized. She loves car rides and other doggies! Oh and she has a total Crush on Jackie Chan the puppy daddy. They wrestle and play and adore each other


Our Bernedoodles and Goldendoodle Bernedoodle mix are 1250.00- 2950.00 call or text for specific pricing for the different litters 200.00 Deposit holds your place in line of puppy choice. Deposits can be moved to other litters but are not refundable. Balance is not due until you have your pup in your arms. *All purchases within California will include sales tax.

KAITLYN averages TWO litters a year. She keeps the amount of litters small, because she puts much attention into raising quality companions with service and support dog temperaments, genetically health tested and the most adorable looks! Sam and Billie Joe raise their pups in a similar style to Kaitlyn and Kaitlyn remains your coach BEFORE DURING AND AFTER no matter what puppy you choose.

ALL pups Lovingly raised IN HOME with lots of attention and integrity.

We are the furthest thing from a puppy mill. We want you to be so excited about how great your puppy is and the care you received before during and after your adoption process, that you refer us to others in your future that are looking for a good experience finding their quality puppy. (Our Motto Is Couches, Not Kennels)

GOOD VIBE pups are gestated and raised naturally AND with patented good vibe THERAPY for an amazing foundation to a long happy life! (*Learn more about Good Vibe Therapy below)

Deposit is $200. And secures your place in line of puppy choices. We start poddy training at 4 weeks so they are off to a great start! We stay available to you as your puppy coach after adoption. Here when you need us.

We take great care in raising calm healthy, beautiful, well socialized puppies that are service and support dog quality. We REALLY REALLY DO!

Many of our pups are currently in service dog roles. They are naturals and we are very proud of them!

We are EXCITED for you to see the list what makes them GOOD VIBE PUPS.

1 No SMART METER (electronic toxins)

2 WiFi is kept turned off most of the time. (Studies show WiFi can negatively effect gestation and development). Not good for pups or peeps

3 Raised in the heart of our home. Our dogs live on the couches not kennels ‘LOVE LIFESTYLE’

4 PODDY TRAINED TO GRASS by 5 weeks. (This helps lower stress of puppies and their new owners)

5 Chemical FREE environment (except bleach trays at entrance to our home that we step in to keep parvo away)

6 Given Diatomaceous Earth in their food to help keep their bodies free of parasites

7 Given Wild caught Salmon Oil to help strengthen mind and body!

8 RAISED FOR ‘Service dog quality’ TEMPERAMENT extra calm, gentle and easy to train.

9 Physical Therapies to help balance brain and be comfortable and trusting laying belly up.

10 Poofs line has been in our family for 5 generations with no Heath issues we even have health papers on the grandparents. All parents are either genetic test themselves or thru their parents.

11 We offer a Health Guarantee

BONUS! PODDY training starts at 4 weeks! Your pup will still need guidance but is already off to a great start. We poddy train with real grass patches. Available at Fresh Patch, Doggie Lawn or grass sod patches from Home Depot


The importance of GENETIC TESTING to help in prevention of future potential health risks.

LOCKS AND KEYS (markers) This is an easy way to explain how genetics work. Think of a matching lock and key, when they come together you have an opening and in this example an opening to a potential disease or heath hazard.

The beauty of genetic testing of each doggie parent is to be able to make sure the pair have no matching locks and keys. This also helps us understand why both in dogs and Humans it is important to NEVER have those who are related procreating as they often have very similar dna which would mean matching locks and keys.

Our sweet ‘vibe pup’ doggies have been directly genetically tested or tested via their parents genetics and matched to ensure good strong genetic pairing with no matching locks and keys and of course NEVER related.

DADDY JACKIE CHAN is RARE in that he is not only BEAUTIFUL, with a great personality, he is EXTREMELY genetically healthy. In fact he actually has NO LOCKS OR KEYS other than, like most smaller dogs, he does not have long lanky legs like a standard full size dog. His ratio is more the longer body medium leg length. In extreme cases of this like a wiener dog over time it can be a strain on their long backs but jackie is medium/long ration not extreme.

So Jackie is a fantastic daddy in not just looks but he brings strong healthy genetics to his gorgeous babies!


Deposit is $200. And secures your place in line of puppy choices.

Contact us by texting or calling 916-715-9755 for more details. There is a screening process to ensure puppies are going to good homes.


AVOIDING PUPPY SCAMMERS: Sadly there is a growing trend in puppy scammers especially with internet long distance pups. This is happening with Bernedoodles in particular because of their high popularity and probably their higher dollar value. I think personally this is one of the lowest things anyone can do, as people often save up for years and their heart is already emotionally invested into their pup like a new baby and family member. I talked to a retired couple who were scammed. They were required to put down a large deposit and then pay another large amount of the balance before they even got to see their puppy that was supposedly being delivered to them. The puppy never arrived. Their phone calls went unanswered. They were crushed. What we do to avoid anyone having even the slightest concern is we only require a very small deposit and the balance is not due until the puppy is literally already in your hands. Please avoid ever paying a large amount for a puppy that’s not in your hands.

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